Why do you always have to choose?

When it comes down to hair care you have a choice. You can leave it as it is, just as it comes naturally. Or you can do something to it. But the minute you’re on the do something side of the fence, you are dealing with implications. Remember Cher at the beginning of Moonstruck – when she gets the grey taken out of her hair. The effect is superb, but to do it she had to use chemicals and chemicals = damaged hair. With all the knowledge and technology we have available do we really have to choose between one or the other?

That would be too simplistic wouldn’t it? Things are never as simple as choosing a or b. There’s always somewhere in between, Starting from the basics; bleaching, perming and heat damage hair.  So what? You say, you’re going to do it anyway. This is where other products like natural heat protectant make their very welcome entrance.

natural heat protectant

Their job is to help repair existing damage and to protect against further damage. You might use a leave-in conditioner after a treatment to give the hair a chance to bounce back from the onslaught of the chemicals. The idea is to put back into the strands some of the proteins which are stripped out by the harsh chemicals and return each hair to its prior condition.

Scientifically speaking that might not be technically accurate – putting back protein sounds too good to be true – but helping the hair recover naturally sounds about right.

Either way, the effect is to make your hair look and feel better which was the point in the first place. Healthy hair is the reflection of a healthy person – when your hair looks great it definitely puts a spring in your step.